Classes resume March 20, 2017.
Valentine's Surprise

CAS CREDIT - According to Mr. Wong, ATYP "actively engages students to use their creative thinking skills and intellectual abilities and runs for more than 3 months on a regular basis, it is considered as MAJOR CAS (creativity)."

HOMEWORK TIME - I will be focused on minimizing homework, but learning new material does require practice. If you get pressed for time, remember the priorities: 1) regular class homework always comes first; 2) while it is best to complete each assignment, it is better that you get some practice from each section than that you complete one section but skip another; 3) don't spend more than 1.5 hours per week on ATYP work: one third on what you learned this week, one third on what you learned last week, and one third on what you learned two weeks ago; 4) don't go back--because we spend 3 weeks on each section, if you missed something one week you will pick it up the next week--if you try to make up past assignments, that can create a snowball effect where you are more and more behind each week, and that is what I want to avoid.

COMPETITIONS - ATYP only meets 1 time a week this year to cover content, however there are competitions as there always have been and you are expected to participate in 9/10 competitions unless you have a Thursday ASA in which case you are expected to participate in 6/6 ASMA competitions.