Photoelectric Effect

Interview Log

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Topic: Photoelectric Effect
Research Question: How is the angle of photoemission related to angle of incident photon beam?

Status of Order
13/1/11 - Scheduling for second experiment in progress. Intended date is between now and 17th. Mr Wilson Wong think it may be possible. Essay outline is in progress.
5/12/11 - In final stages for completion of supervisor sheet. PDF uploaded to BAC.
5/4//11 - Third visit to CityU for actual experiment. Data obtained.
4/28/11 - Second visit to CityU for XPS test. Angle-tilting is feasable! Set out details eg increments, data to obtain. Waiting for reply of schedule for next meeting, for actual experiment (should be last).
9/4/2011 - More research on IMFP. And brainstorm of lab. Preliminary lab idea: increase frequency will obtain less noise OR increase sample number of bind electrons will obtain more noise.
5/4/2011 - Research on IMFP.
1/4/2011 - Visit to UST: See a photoelectric setup that uses a photocell and a mecury lamb.
28/3/2011 - Visit to CityU: 1) Taught about band structure (fermi level), Inelastic Mean Free Path (IMFP), analysis of XPS data; 2) saw and being explained the operation of a PES. PES in CityU cannot do angle-resolved experiments. Maybe do investigation into IMFP. Waiting for Friday's visit (1st Apr) to UST.
3/18/2011 - CityU replies with a partial explanation to the topic question and said that there are such equipments, but too complicated to be operated without a technician. Request for an arrangement to see the equipment is made. UST replies, telling me to contact them by phone for the arrangement (yeah).
3/14/2011 - CUHK is not available. Sent email to UST.
3/11/2011 - Vacuum chamber does not leak, but pump may be weak. Setup procedure for vacuum chamber is understood. Sent email to CityU, HKU and CUHK.
3/9/2011 - Kit may be too confined. Ka Ming to write to universities to see about equipment there. Vacuum chamber here leaks.
2/24/2011 - Ka Ming to arrange purchase or loan of equipment.

Preliminary Research
  • Understood theoratical basis of photoelectric effect
  • Generally understood theoratical basis of Fermat's least time principle in terms of QED
  • Found out about related applications: ARPES (PES/XES)
  • SiO2 and Al2O3 is suitable under X-ray, which HfO2 demonstrates the clearest results, from an experimental paper of the (strikingly) similar exeriment
  • Basic understanding in band structure such as fermi level/energy, Fermi-Dirac Statistics, and Inelastic Mean Free Path (IMFP)

Lab Design and Methodology
3/16/2011 - Is certain that space charge effects will cause error.
3/15/2011 - Finding a way to evaluate the error caused by space charge effects.
3/11/2011 - Have basic idea previously. Had designed basic setup and pointed out some potential errors.
Remarks: have difficulty drawing with left hand, but difficulty overcome.