Make sure you have given Mr. Harrison your application form: .


  1. Angelina Choy MS *confirmed* BOTH sessions
  2. Agnes Ip MS *confirmed* BOTH sessions
  3. Leslie Tsang MS *confirmed* BOTH sessions
  4. Lillian Yau MS *confirmed* BOTH sessions
  5. Vanessa Fung MS *confirmed* BOTH sessions
  6. Jennifer Shung MS *confirmed* BOTH sessions
  7. Vivian Yeung MS *confirmed* BOTH sessions
  8. Rachel Leung MS *confirmed* Monday ONLY
  9. Michelle Leung MS *confirmed* Friday ONLY
  10. Nicola Lau SL *confirmed* BOTH sessions
  11. Myron Au SL *confirmed* Friday ONLY
  12. Nicole Yuen SL *confirmed* Monday ONLY
  13. Raymar Wong SL *confirmed* Monday ONLY
  14. Justin Chow SL *confirmed* Friday ONLY
  15. Jessica Wong SL *confirmed* Friday ONLY
  16. Jason Kwan SL *confirmed* Friday ONLY
  17. Lydia MS *confirmed* please pay
  18. Natalie Law 11 SL *confirmed* please pay
  19. Christie Ng 11 SL *confirmed* please pay
  20. Tara Kwok 11 SL *confirmed* please pay
  21. Antonio 11 HL *confirmed* please pay
  22. Winston 11 SL *confirmed* please pay
  23. Karen MS
  24. Katie Chau 11 SL
  25. Crystal Ng 11 SL


Will be taught by Mr. Bowman.